Winter Steelhead Fishing: several weeks remain, get here soon!

UntitledMarch 6

I just completed the longest period in recent memory without wetting a line, nearly a month.   Local river conditions have been extremely high and off color, not conducive to boating or fishing what so ever.  I had to cancel all guided trips during the month of February as a result. Flows on the Klamath River, typically one of the last to blow out and first to come back into shape, just returned to fishable levels last Friday and I am excited to get back on the Klamath over the next month to wrap up the winter steelhead season.  I do have a few remaining openings if you are anxious to feel the electricity of a steelhead on the end of your line, just give me a ring.

UntitledUntitledSpeaking of the electricity of a steelhead on the line, before the Klamath dropped last week, I took the opportunity to join my good friend (and fellow guide) Brandon Worthington (Worthington Flyfishing) who is guiding on the Oregon Coast.  The river was surprisingly low and exceptionally clear, not the conditions we typically wish for on the coast.  Brandon assured me that he has done well in these conditions and he was correct, I enjoyed the best coastal fishing I have ever experienced, particularly considering there were very few other anglers around.  In two days I hooked a dozen fish, though I only landed three.  All of the fish were of the highest quality imaginable, bright and hot with a few going well into the double digits in weight, (check additional photos on the ShastaTrout Flickr site).  On the drive back I stopped to fish the Umpqua with friend James Sampsel who has guided for a number of outfitters but recently opened his own guide service Humble Heron featuring southern Oregon rivers. The Umpqua and Rogue have also just recently dropped into shape and should fish well for another month or so.  Both Brandon and James have some upcoming dates available, I would encourage you to drop a line if you (like me) need to get your steelhead fix before the season ends.

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